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Edit Live™ is an easy way of ensuring your web site is always up to date. It is a web based program which means you can update your web pages from any computer with a live web browser. Setting up an Edit Live™ account is an easy process which we can do for you* or you can easily do for yourself with a little web design knowledge. The emphasis of the system is on simple text edits with a simple picture editing feature. We have stripped out any complicated functions because we find 98% of users dont really need them.

To set up an Edit Live™ account now please click on our Livetech Ordering Page. Accounts cost £10 per page per month (plus VAT).

If you have any further questions please feel free to call us on 01492 534393
10AM to 4 PM.

*subject to setup charges based on time required. Edit Live™ is part of the Livetech Group

Edit Live™ working well for you but fed up trying to send large attachments to your friends and colleages over email, why not try our SimpleShare™ system?